The Pascal DuBois' Portfolio



This infographic was created for the Adolescent Education Program at SUNY Downstate Medical Center also known as Teens Helping Each Other (THEO) to educate teenagers about PrEP. The source of the information was the CDC.


Social Graphics

These social graphics were created for THEO program. 



This newsletter was created to inform THEO supporters that the organization celebrated its 25th Anniversary.


Video Creation

I created, provided the voice-over, and directed the CoverCUNY animated video to inform CUNY's 225,000 student body about the importance of health insurance enrollment. 



This brochure was created for the PREP program, a program within THEO to advertise the services they can offer to schools and community-based organizations.


Digital Communication Metrics And Strategies    

Social Media Marketing Return On Investment (ROI) Metrics


A 90-Day Non-profit Online Marketing Plan

Image from the article displaying Schematic of the Procedure of Isolating and Propagating Circulating Tumor Cells from a Mouse Cancer Model System. When clinical evidence of hepatocellular carcinoma was observed as significant reduction in body condition score, whole blood was collected from mice. After several centrifugations, RBC lysis, and several wash steps, the CTCs were seeded into cell culture dishes for propagation. Tumor cell proliferation was observed after several days.