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3 Videos to Improve Your Photography

3 Videos to Improve Your Photography

Image by  Karolina Grabowska  from  Pixabay

I’ve written before about my desire to improve my photography. To achieve visible improvement in my skills I’ve found videos that have helped me with understanding composition and the importance of photography on political issues. Here are some of those videos.


Mari Robles Lopez, a 23-year-old photographer became one of the leading documenters of the protest movement in Puerto Rico. Here is a video about her inspirational work as she shows how photography can tell stories that bring awareness to issues. 

Click  here  for the link to the video.

Click here for the link to the video.


I believed I needed to be in an exciting place or foreign locale to create great images. I was wrong, my ability to find intriguing compositions is what would make the difference in creating compelling photos. Here, Mike Brown took me on a walk to teach me how to look for the light to create beautiful compositions.

Light and composition photo tips. Come for a photo walk with me and I'll show you how vital they are yet how easy they can be to get you better photos. Light and composition are my 2nd and 3rd building blocks of photography for a reason.


Visualizing is a power anyone can harness. When I envision my photos before I create them I instantly improve the composition. Here the great Ansel Adams explained how pre-visualizing is the secret to great photos.

Don't miss this story of Ansel Adams' breakthrough when he first learned to visualize a photograph, moving from amateur to the true artistry he was known for. Then see previously unreleased footage of Ansel explaining exactly what he means by "visualization" and the points to master to be an "instinctive" photographer.

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