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3 Articles That Helped My Creativity

3 Articles That Helped My Creativity

Self Portrait by Jean Michel Basquiat

I was a creative schoolboy, but only in my head, I rarely did artistic things. I don’t know where that idea of myself came from; it was a stealthy shadow barely visible to my consciousnesses that followed me around. Now, as an adult, the “creative” apparition has fully engulfed me into its dark experimental mysteries. Being creative implies a magical ability to come up with novel concepts. However, my skill in devising new ideas is false; I simply remix old ones into new ones.

Here are links to articles that have helped me to be more creative. 

Awosika posits the best way to generate the 10 ideas is to consume enough content from across disciplines, from various people and cultures to remix into new ones. I learned to create 10 ideas on anything every day. My mind, as a result, has been primed to think of more ideas quicker. 

How To Never Run Out of Ideas, Stay Creative, and Become Prolific

Preview: “Most of your ideas will suck, but a few will be gold. You take the good ones, save them, implement them, then double down on what works.”

Charles Chu Presents how to steal from Isaac Asimov, one of the Twentieth centuries most prolific authors.

Isaac Asimov: How to Never Run Out of Ideas Again

Preview: “Never Stop Learning. Asimov wasn’t just a science fiction writer. He had a PhD in chemistry from Columbia. He wrote on physics. He wrote on ancient history. Hell, he even wrote a book on the Bible.”

Again this is another article on 10 ideas every day. Milena presents her results from creating 10 ideas every day for more than 6 months.

I wrote 10 ideas a day for more than 6 months. Here is what has changed for me.

Preview: “My mind is sharp, quick and prolific.”

Now, it's your turn, what will be your first 10 ideas?

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The Photographer's Playbook: Excerpts from Vision Quest Assignment Cards

The Photographer's Playbook: Excerpts from Vision Quest Assignment Cards