Exploring the 🌎 and myself one photo at a time for 365 days.

I’ve been following the daily photo prompts from  “365 Photo Project” by www.PhotoBlog.com

Day 1 for me started on September 1, 2018

Day 1_Eyes.jpg

Day 1, Eyes

Day 2_Breakfast.jpg

Day 2, Breakfast

Day 3_Chocolate.jpg

Day 3, Chocolate

Day 4, Hat

Day 6_Monochrome.jpg

Day 6, Monochrome

Day 7_Sign.jpg

Day 7, Sign

Day 8_Autumn.jpg

Day 8, Autumn

Day 9_Fallen.jpg

Day 9, Fallen

Day 10_Seasonal.jpg

Day 10, Seasonal

Day 11, Warm

Day 12, Time For

Day 13, Burst Mode

Day 14_Stripes.jpg

Day 14, Stripes

Day 15, Travel

Day 16, Wild & Free

Day 17_Alphabet.jpg

Day 17, Alphabet

Day 18_Retro.jpg

Day 18, Retro

Day 19, Back to School

Day 20_Window.jpg

Day 20, Window

Day 21_Serenity.jpg

Day 21, Serenity

Day 22_Vegetable.jpg

Day 22, Vegetable

Day 23, Sunday Fun

Day 24_Hobby.jpg

Day 24, Hobby

Day 25, Peace

Day 26_Contentment.jpg

Day 26, Contentment

Day 27, Style

Day 28_Far.jpg

Day 28, Far

Day 29_Golden.jpg

Day 29, Golden

Day 30_Healthy.jpg

Day 30, Healthy

Day 31_Aperture.jpg

Day 31, Aperture

Day 32_Rule Of Thirds.jpg

Day 32, Rule of Thirds

Day 33_Manual Mode.jpg

Day 33, Manual Mode

Day 34_Where I Am From.jpg

Day 34, Where I am From

Day 35_Hard Work.jpg

Day 35, Hard Work

Day 36, Five things

Day 37_Loud.jpg

Day 37, Loud

Day 38_Antique.jpg

Day 38, Antique

Day 39, Addiction

Day 40, Apple

Day 41, Cozy

Day 42_Layers_1.jpg

Day 42, Layers

Day 43_Fall Leaves.jpg

Day 43, Fall Leaves

Day 44_Jeans.jpg

Day 44, Jeans

Day 45_Last Weekend I.jpg

Day 45, Last Weekend I

Day 46_In The Fall I Feel.jpg

Day 46, In The Fall I Feel

Day 47_On A Wall.jpg

Day 47, On The Wall

Day 48_On The Cutting Board.jpg

Day 48, On The Cutting Board

Day 49_Fill The Frame.jpg

Day 49, Fill The Frame

Day 50_Direction.jpg

Day 50, Direction

Day 51_Tiny.jpg

Day 51, Tiny

Day 52, In Your Bag

Day 53_Family.jpg

Day 53, Family

Day 54_Local.jpg

Day 54, Local

Day 55_What I Wore.jpg

Day 55, What I Wore

Day 56_Bent.jpg

Day 56, Bent

Day 57_Your.jpg

Day 57, Your

Day 58_Something Scary.jpg

Day 58, Something Scary

Day 59_Candy.jpg

Day 59, Candy

Day 60_Pumpkin.jpg

Day 60, Pumpkin